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How to Get a Look You Will Love with Your Makeup Artist in Malaysia

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How to get a look you will love with your makeup artist in Malaysia? The best answer to that question is by having good communication with them. 


Nowadays, people are too conscious about their faces. They are mindful of how they look physically, especially women. They want all to be perfect for their date, party, or other special occasions. With the help of makeup artists in Malaysia, you can achieve the stunning looks that you want! If you are looking for a makeup artist Malaysia to do your makeup, you can go to promakeupcenter.com


On every occasion, wearing cosmetics can help you to have a presentable look. It can also help you to boost your confidence and positivity. By using makeups, wigs, and other beauty products, makeup artists can give you the look that you will love. To achieve that look, you need to have good communication with your makeup artist. Having a good exchange of communication between you and your makeup artist is one thing that most clients overlook. They did not know that having healthy communication with makeup artists will help them achieve their dream look.

Once you get that good flow of communication with your makeup artist, you will know that you are close to achieving your makeup goals. To help you more, here are some points that you should communicate with your makeup artist to get a look that you will love. 



Build Rapport by Having an Open Conversation


The first thing that you should do is to build an open and warm conversation with your makeup artist. Make sure that you are comfortable with them. Also, try to make them feel comfortable with you. Be open with your preferences, especially the makeup look that you want to achieve. Most clients would prefer natural-looking makeup without giving specifications on what they want. There are several ways to achieve natural makeup. However, some clients fail to mention their preferred natural look. So, if you want to achieve the best look, tell your makeup artist about it. And never leave any important details. 




Show Visuals or Photos of Your Preferred Look


To ensure that you get the look that you desire, show a picture of your preferred makeup. Telling your makeup artist about your goals through verbal means might be confusing. So, it is better to show them the look that you want through visual aids. You can show them photos or magazines of your preferred makeup. Through magazines and photos, your makeup artist will have a clear picture of what you want. Aside from that, they would know if the look would complement your skin tone, your dress, and your personality. 



Show a Picture of Your Outfit


Aside from showing a picture of your desired makeup look, also show a picture of your outfit. This will give your makeup artist ideas on what adjustments they can take. As much as possible they will make your makeup and outfit look good together. They will also be able to recommend color palettes that would complement both your skin tone and your outfit. 



Tell Your Makeup Artist about Your Makeup Routine


Most women usually have their own routine when it comes to applying makeup. Make sure that you communicate your makeup routines with your makeup artist. Tell them the step-by-step procedure on how you do your makeup. And If you want to use your own makeup products, tell them about it as well. But make sure that you will say it politely to not hurt their feelings. If you are not used to wearing heavy makeup, communicate that to your makeup artist. By sharing your makeup routine, your makeup artist will be able to adjust to your needs. And this will make it easier for them to give you the look that you want. 



Do Not Forget to Mention about Makeup Allergies and Product Sensitivity


Another thing that you should never forget is about your allergies. Tell your makeup artist if you are allergic to certain products and chemicals, before you start with the makeup session. This will prevent allergic reactions from happening. Aside from that, telling about your allergies head-on will help your makeup artist find the best product for your skin. To be safer, you may suggest to your makeup artist about using your own makeup products.



Be Specific when You Describe the Look that You Love


When describing your desired look, be careful with the terms that you use. Do not use the words “dramatic look” or “natural look”. These can mean differently depending on people’s perceptions. So instead of using words with a broad meaning, make your description more concise and specific. For example, instead of saying “ I want a romantic look.”, you may say, ”I want a romantic look which is soft and shimmery.” And instead of saying natural look, you may say, soft colors of the palette. Tell them that you want something that would still accentuate your imperfections like freckles. Giving specific instructions will make the work easier for your makeup artist.



Share an Honest Feedback with Your Makeup Artist

Many clients forget to give feedback about the makeup artist’s work. And this is something that you should share with them. Honestly tell them how you feel about their work. But make sure that you convey your feedback professionally and politely. Giving them good feedback will uplift their confidence. 


And if you think they failed to give you the look that you want, tell them about it as well. This way, they can still make adjustments to your look. This is why communication is important in getting the best makeup results. To achieve the look that you will love, make sure that you collaborate well with your makeup expert. 




Putting your trust in someone is indeed difficult. But when it comes to your makeup, you should put your trust in your makeup artist. If you want to get a look you will love in Malaysia, you can visit us at Seed to Stem Style. If you are looking to hire a professional makeup artist for your beauty and wedding makeup needs, contact us at seedtostemstyle.com

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